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At Excel Water Ltd we specialise in the designing and building of bespoke pure water treatment solutions.  Tailoring our plant to the needs of our customers, this can range from providing pure water for wash down within glass production, designing borehole treatment solutions to provide water of drinking standard or improving a customers product, be it chemicals or cleaning products, or even face creams.  We do this by providing them with high quality water to use within their process.  The list is endless!

We have an energetic, vibrant and young at heart team who are always willing to go the extra mile. Our highly experienced engineers are supported by knowledgeable friendly sales and office staff. The team is the key to our success, getting the right team in place affects our ability to effectively deliver our core values and vision to our customers, suppliers and contractors.

Many of our customers have continued to use us for the maintenance of their plant for over 18 years, so we must be doing something right!  We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and professional and provide every customer with the same level of customer service, regardless of size.  Not one of our customers is just a number on the database.


The type of system we offer depends on the requirements of each individual site.  No two sites are exactly the same so what may be suitable for one site may not be suitable for another.  Water treatment has many variables and each one of these are taking into account on the site visit carried out by our senior design engineers.  Some examples of the different types of systems we offer are detailed below:

Demin Plants Systems

Demin plants consist of two pressure vessels; one containing cation and the other containing anion exchange resins. Raw water passes through the cation vessel first, where positively charged ions are chemically exchanged for hydrogen ions. It then continues to the anion vessel where negatively charged ions are chemically exchanged for hydroxide ions. The Hydrogen and Hydroxide ions combine to create pure water.

A demin plant then needs to be regenerated with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide when necessary so the site where the plant is installed needs to have COSHH Regulations.

Our EX Power Demin plants are designed to produce water quality of less than 1ms at high flow rates.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

This provides the highest quality water in constant supply. It’s simple, water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane which rejects all unwanted impurities. The membrane will only allow pure water molecules to flow through, resulting in all contaminants including bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals being removed and flushed to waste.

If a solution of salts in water is separated from a source of pure water by a semipermeable membrane, the tendency of the pure water is to pass through the membrane to try and dilute the salt solution which forces pure water through the membrane, thereby concentrating the salt solution.

Water Softening Solutions 

Water softeners remove the hardness from the water and are used to protect expensive equipment from scaling up, such as large industrial boilers.

Water softeners work by a process know as ion exchange. The hard water passes through a high-quality cation exchange resin column inside a pressure vessel. 

The resin removes the positively charged Calcium and Magnesium ions from solution and exchanges them for the ions of Sodium. When the resin becomes exhausted it is regenerated by drawing a solution of common salt called brine through the column. During regeneration, the hard metal ions are then released from the resin and replaced again with those of Sodium from the brine. The unwanted ions are flushed to drain along with the excess brine. Regeneration takes between 60 to 180 minutes depending on the size of the softener.

Borehole Solutions

Following a site survey and water analysis from the borehole, the system recommended can vary depending on the quality of water found within the borehole. Therefore a mixture of solutions may be recommended, these can include systems utilising various different medias in vessels, UV sterilisation, filtration systems, along with reverse osmosis and water softening, it all depends on the quality of water you have and what you wish to use the water for.  Our design engineers will advise and design a system suitable for your requirements.

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