Is your water treatment plant fit for purpose?

By Excel Water Ltd
schedule30th Jul 19

What happens when your water treatment plant’s no longer fit for purpose?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to have water treatment plants on their premises that are no longer fit for purpose.

This is mainly due to the fact:

  • The plant is inherited 
  • Manufacturing processes have evolved
  • The plant hasn't been maintained or upgraded

Untreated water contains contaminants

These contaminants can cause no-end of issues – from compromising quality to increasing downtime (caused by having to repair or replace tools and equipment or clean hard water deposits off them). System breakdowns are another common issue resulting from outdated or poorly maintained water treatment equipment. 

It was repeated system breakdowns that prompted a property manager to contact us. We were able to diagnose the issue and upgrade their nano filtration unit and solve the problem. You can read about what we did and how nano filtration works in this case study. 

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