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By Excel Water Ltd
schedule9th Aug 17

Excel Water Ltd was set up by Brian Field, he served his time at Vickers defence factory in Leeds known as Barnbow. Vickers manufactured tanks and were a munitions factory during the war who were known for producing some of the best quality engineers in the country.

He then went on to work for AE Turbines manufacturing parts for aeroplanes. His career then moved in a slightly different direction when he accepted a job as a water treatment engineer for Permutit. His time at Permutit was well spent and in the 8 years he was there he progressed from general servicing to design engineer as well as in charge of training other engineers.

Whilst working at Permutit, Brian could see a real gap in the market for the manufacture of demin plants so he decided to set up Excel Water to provide this service. The first demin plants were called EX30’s, EX60 and EX120 (the number relation to resin bed volume). We sold lots of these over the next few years and gave us a real boost to getting us known in the industry. However we feel that the success of the company has been that we ensure customers needs are embedded into the core values here Excel Water Ltd. We don’t sell customers run of the mill, make it fit reverse osmosis, and demin systems, we are one of the very few water treatment companies that have the expertise to design and modify plant specifically for that customer, be it an issue with footprint, or additional monitoring equipment required, we spend time speaking with the customer making sure they get exactly what they need.

In the 24 years we have been established, we find that this practice pays dividends as 40% of our existing customers have been utilising our services for over 15 years, they trust in the knowledge of our engineers and the genuine qualities they have.

“We have used Excelwater for servicing and maintenance  of our Demin plant  for the last 5 years. The demin plant is a vital part of our manufacturing process so it is imperative that we have minimal down time. I’m happy to say that in 5 years we haven’t lost so much as an hours production through the demin plant. The plant produces a water quality of less than 1µ/cm  which means we are able to supply our customers with a first class product. It would be great if all my other plant were as reliable as the demin plant and that my other contractors were as reliable as Excelwater are. An excellent product supported with excellent service levels. Top marks from Caldic”

We understand that the right quality water on our customers sites is critical to process, be it ensuring boilers are running efficiently with the use of soft water, or that toiletries products are free from sediment and minerals, or that glass is smear free, our customers want to make sure that their product is the best, and we want to help them to achieve this.

As with any company times change, Brian has since retired and handed over the reigns to his son and daughter.  Emma Armitage, is the Managing Director responsible for driving the business into the next millennium, and Darren Field is the Engineering Director, responsible for ensuring the engineering knowledge and training is passed from generation to generation, with the recent addition of Brian’s grandson as one of our new apprentices, we really are keeping it in the family!.

The team here at Excel Water are always looking for new ways to assist our customers with any water related problems, and with the emphasis on businesses nowadays to be more ‘green’, we have taken this onboard and our reverse osmosis plants are designed to be more efficient with their reject water, and recycling modifications are incorporated into the design.  We also help our customers with cost savings for water usage, be it introducing a borehole to site or a rainwater harvesting system, calculating cost savings against mains and designing the system required to treat the water to a potable standard.  We are with our customers every step of the way and always will be.

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