The Solution is Crystal Clear....

By Excel Water Ltd
schedule8th Feb 18

The problem………. Our customer had 2 old softener and RO combi units on site which were feeding their glass washing machines, but unfortunately, they were having failures on their double glazed units and struggling to keep up with demand as the orders were increasing.

The situation was becoming a major concern for our customer, so they asked us to come and offer some advice.

Our senior engineer visited site and established that not only was their current system no longer fit for purpose, they also had another problem, water pressure, which was too low and was causing the system to constantly trip out and production was having to cease.

The Solution……….. We recommended a break tank and booster set system which fed new twin duplex water softeners and a new twin 900ltr RO systems (built by us in our workshop).  Providing them with high quality water and enough of it to cope with the increased demands.  As a little bit of an extra, within our design we also made provisions for them to be able to up capacity in the future without having to purchase brand new plant.

However, this was not enough! they also wanted to be efficient with the waste water on site, so with a bit of clever designing, we implemented a system that reused the waste stream from the RO’s to feed the glass cutting machines.

Result……….. Our customer is now using 100% of the water from the RO system as opposed to sending 25% to drain!! They are very happy with this system, and are now producing high quality products and keeping up with demand easily!

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