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Maintaining the quality of your products in a competitive marketplace is fundamental to any successful business. From the materials you use, to your choice of equipment, every part of the production line should be geared towards the output of high quality products which differentiate you with customers and safeguard your reputation as a preferred provider.

Purified water is a necessary requirement for most manufacturers. For example, poor water quality within a glass washing process may leave unwanted streaks. Similarly, non-purified water in a mouthwash production process can result in floating particles and, for those businesses where spray painting is needed, it may cause defects in the quality of the paint. We at Excel Water, help organisations make the right decisions about which water purification method they need, so that water quality does not impede on their ability to provide superior products to their customers.

Demin V’s Reverse Osmosis Debate

This is something that has been a long standing debate, the truth of the matter is that there is no Demin Versus Reverse Osmosis debate anymore, both systems have come a long way, and now the question should be is 'what is the best system for your site?'

Please see below the differences between the EXPOWER Series Demin Plants and the EXPOWER Series Reverse Osmosis Plant

EXPOWER Series Demin 

COSHH Regs Required 

No Water Softener Required 

No Reject Water When in Service 

Polishes water down to <1ms 

EXPOWER Series Reverse Osmosis

No COSHH Regs Required

Water Softener Required to feed RO

25% Reject Water When in Service

 Polishes water down to 10-20ms

There are various reasons specific plants are chosen for a certain site, be it down to flow rates/volume of water required, in this instance we find that under certain flow rates Reverse Osmosis works out more cost effective, however, above certain flow rates demin plants work out more cost effective.  It could also be down to a footprint issue of the plant, the fantastic thing is that here at Excel Water we build our own plant in house, by our own engineers and they can be modified to fit and are designed to the customers own unique specification.  Our aim is to find the most cost effective, appropriate solution for your organisation based on various factors which are ascertained at the initial site survey carried out. 

During the site survey this is where our engineers knowledge and experience comes into its own.  This is due to the extensive amount of sites, and various water treatment plant our engineers have dealt with over the years. 

We can turn your existing water quality into whatever water quality you need it to be. 

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