Be the USP - by Suzanne Whitham

By Excel Water Ltd
schedule14th May 18

I was discussing business with a friend of mine the other day, she is very successful at what she does, however throughout our conversation I felt saddened as to her approach to selling her product. 

I asked her the basic question of why should I buy from your company? What's so special about your product? Her reply was ‘Well nothing really it’s the same as our competitors if I’m honest!’, Right OK! Well why should I buy from your company then? Her response was ‘Well we can do a good price for it!’, again not the answer I was hoping for!, I probed and asked if the aftercare and knowledge of her staff was the best in the industry, her reply was ‘Not especially, it is what it is!’. 

Now it might just be me, and I have been lucky enough to work at a company whereby we have so many USP’s coming out of our ears! i.e. high quality original products, warranties, knowledge of engineers, customer service levels etc, being able to add value to the customer, but the question I have to ask is shouldn’t every company be able have a USP? 

So fair enough not everyone’s product can be original, but why not have the best aftercare service you can? Train and employ your engineers to be the best? Train your customer service advisers to be the most helpful? Why not become the USP yourself go above and beyond for your customers and most of all have a bit of love for what you are selling, because if you don’t love it, and its doesn’t add value to your customers business, why should they want it?

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